Naked and Revealed with Junie Moon… A Video Project to support healthy body image and heal the shame still dished out to women and girls in America

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On March 4th, in front of invited guests and her video crew, Junie Moon Schreiber had her naked body painted by Andy Golub, a world renowned artist, known for painting nude models in the public streets of New York City. Her purpose was to call attention to the devastating cultural messages that bombard women and girls every day, which shame them into believing they are ugly, worthless and unlovable.

After a lifetime of feeling inadequate, Ms. Schreiber has learned to love her body just as it is, stretch marks and all, and is on a mission to show women they can do the same. The body-painting event is the climax of a video documentary project displaying Ms. Schreiber’s transformative journey and her monumental leap in healing her body shame.

On the purpose of this project, Junie Moon says: “The messages of what women are ‘supposed’ to look like are still everywhere in the media, still impacting our young women and consistently reminding women that they fall short. It’s time to change that message.” Junie has learned how to re-program her beliefs about herself which has allowed her peace and comfort in her own skin. And she wants to teach women and girls how to do the same so they can step confidently into their natural beauty.

“Women need to know that healing the old wounding messages is possible and that no matter what size or shape they are, they are beautiful.” By sharing her message, Ms. Schreiber hopes to help people let go of the old limiting beliefs of what beauty is supposed to look like, so they can set themselves free. By releasing the old shaming thoughts, women can love themselves and express themselves in a more authentic bright way. “We all deserve to know and feel our inner and outer beauty.”

About Naked and Revealed with Junie Moon: This is a nonprofit project.
Other facts about Junie:
Junie Moon Schreiber is a Certified Transformational Coach, hosts the weekly Life Out Loud TV Show, and is the co-author of the Amazon #1 Best-Selling book, “Journey to Joy. Junie is best known as “The Inner Critic Tamer.” She runs group programs, works with individuals in person and via skype and travels the country offering transformational workshops.

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