Nühanzi is empowering women and girls around the globe to embrace their feminine and masculine strength. Nühanzi, written in Chinese as 女汉子, literally means “masculine woman” or “manly woman.” Basically, a Nühanzi is a badass woman!

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I hope this video inspires you to join the Nühanzi community of badass women. Nühanzi is used to describe women of all ethnicities who are brave, courageous and break the traditional stereotypes of women. Nühanzi is all about belief in yourself. Hold your head up high and believe that you don’t have to walk around in this world making yourself small, hiding your strength or asking for permission. Our Nühanzi collection is designed as a reminder that deep down inside you can do anything. Go out there, kick ass! Listen to that inner voice and be exactly who you want to be. 🙌💪❤🖕

Awkwafina Is Changing The Game For Asian-American Representation
Awkwafina Is Changing The Game For Asian-American Representation

Allison Haunss/Nühanzi Staff  – New York Ever since becoming internet-famous for her incredibly catchy 2012 parody rap song “My Vag,” Nora Lum, best known by her stage name Awkwafina, has shown the world a different version of Asian-American womanhood than the media typically represents. In a…

It’s Not ‘Stripping’ — It’s Cardio And It’s Getting More Popular
It’s Not ‘Stripping’ — It’s Cardio And It’s Getting More Popular

By Scott Scanlon The Buffalo News, N.Y. The fastest growing class at Glistening Sky Fitness & Wellness in Delevan used to be called Burlesque. “Some of my oldest son’s friends’ moms thought we were stripping,” owner Tami George-Stevenson said. “You don’t want your teenage son…


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